How to Use Linkedin Demographics for Better Targeting

LinkedIn enjoys unrivalled popularity and it is the world’s largest professional network. Considering its more formal and professional image, a LinkedIn strategy is not like other social media networks.

To optimize your LinkedIn advertising strategy, you must understand the importance of LinkedIn demographics and how to use it to your advantage.

Those who don’t know about this feature, it is a free feature that offers various consumer insights like gender division, income stats, language statistics, and more.

In this article, we will show you crucial LinkedIn demographics that you need to know when crafting your marketing strategy. Let’s go!

Why Demographics need your utmost attention?

Demographics is gaining rapid popularity among marketers especially digital marketers. According to a CMO survey, marketing spend on demographics and analytics is higher than ever, and it is expected that it will rise almost 380% in the next couple of years.

No marketing strategy and outreach campaigns are complete without engaging potential customers and relationships, and no marketers can deny their importance.

However, advertisers and marketers need to understand what matters the most to potential customers and the language that they will use to communicate.

The way you develop connections with your business leads is all about understanding their demographics. Furthermore, demographics are beyond age or location, and there are many other crucial insights about the matter.

Plus, you should know how to communicate efficiently with your prospects and audience.

If you want to know what messaging is more effective, A/B testing can significantly help you in optimizing your campaigns.

Understanding LinkedIn Demographics

LinkedIn demographics is a useful and free tool that provides you with detailed insights regarding your audience.

You can view and access this feature from your campaign manager. The feature shows specific demographics and behaviors of your users and enables you to use this data to customize your outreach.

Now, below are some LinkedIn demographics that you can track.

General LinkedIn Demographics

Let’s take a look at LinkedIn’s general demographics, and by the end, you will understand why it is the most fruitful place for demographic market research.

First, LinkedIn has over 700 million users, and among those, over 300 million remain active every month.

Furthermore, you will find 55 million registered businesses in just about every industry or niche.

Around 44% of LinkedIn users make about $75,000 yearly. This is evidence that it is a hub for industry experts and leaders.

In comparison with other massive networks like Facebook and Twitter, this professional network is about 277% more effective when it’s about generating business leads.

LinkedIn age demographics

Mostly, LinkedIn is filled with high-level professionals, but the age demographics show a young user base.

Almost 80% of LinkedIn users are aged between 18 and 33, and it is amazing as the average age of a Fortune 500 Executives is around 53 years.

The presence of Millennials is rapidly growing on this platform, and it clearly states that purchasing power of B2B firms is overlapping early-career status.

LinkedIn gender demographics

This includes a split of males and females on the network. LinkedIn has around 43% of female users.

Furthermore, LinkedIn works on a gender binary, and you won’t find that much detail about gender demographics till now, but things will change in the near future.

LinkedIn location demographics

LinkedIn users are widespread from 200 countries, and 70% of LinkedIn users are outside the United States.

However, LinkedIn has over 167 million users in the US, the highest than any other country.

Thus, if you are targeting US-based leads, imagine the reach of the platform.

Moreover, you can also filter the location based on where users live within a country, be it suburban, rural, urban, providing you full control over your targeted campaign.

Do you know over half of the users reside in urban and suburban areas worldwide?  

LinkedIn income demographics

LinkedIn’s income demographics are surprising. Most LinkedIn users earn over $75,000 yearly, while 45% of LinkedIn users work in upper management, working on high pay.

This is why most B2B advertisers use LinkedIn for their outreach campaigns as compared to the other platforms. The income demographics on LinkedIn means that you are targeting decision-makers and those who have key buying choices or the company’s CEO.

LinkedIn education demographics

Apart from business owners and leaders, LinkedIn is also popular among students and recent graduates.

Around 50% of all US citizens with a college degree have a LinkedIn account as it’s a great platform to connect with like-minded people, recruiters, and if you are finding entry-level positions.

Furthermore, over 46 million students and college graduates are active on LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedIn Demographics

So now you know how effective this tool is, the next question is how to use it to your benefit?

First, you need to add a snippet of JavaScript to your business website to monitor conversions.

It’s simple just go to LinkedIn ads account and look for the “Insight Tag.” You will find it under the Account Assets menu.

This will allow you to use LinkedIn’s demographics and show you all the details about your visitors. Now you can view vital details like age, location, job role, industry information, organization size, and more.

Automating your lead generation

After getting all the info about the consumer demographic, you can use this data to automate your lead generation process.

Furthermore, you can also set the standards for your outreach as per LinkedIn’s demographics and then target relevant audiences.

This targeted approach will make your campaigns easier and more nurturing. Plus, you will be working only on the relevant prospects. Lastly, specific demographic information regarding your audience also helps to personalize your marketing campaigns.


If you are not using LinkedIn’s demographics, now is the right time as you have all the info about the matter. The LinkedIn demographics give you useful insights about your leads that are on the platform.

With this data, you can easily determine how to improve your marketing campaigns and improve your offerings.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.