How to Find CEO’s Email of Any Company

Finding an email of a CEO may be an important task if you need to reach out to a decision maker within a company and brighten their lives with your amazing product.

So, where to start? Is there a way to quickly obtain a CEO’s email or even download emails of several CEOs in bulk?

For sure there is. You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s jump right into the heart of the most used and proven method. Let us introduce “How to Find CEO Email Address of Any Company: 5-Step Practical Guide”. This guide will walk you through.

How to contact a CEO of a company: 1 Step. Log in to Closely

Of course, there are other ways of contacting CEOs, except for texting via email. You can find them on LinkedIn or Facebook. But first, let’s try the most obvious way — emails.

Log in to Closely – it’s the first LinkedIn lead engagement and sales routine automation platform that also has an embedded B2B contact database for your prospecting needs. Just provide your email, think up a password and you’re good to go.

Watch this video to learn how to connect your LinkedIn account to Closely so you can launch and run your LinkedIn outreach campaigns on autopilot.

How to contact a CEO of a company: 2 Step. Go to the Lead Finder tab.

Open the “Lead Finder” tab — that’s where you’ll look the emails you’re hunting.

Use one filter or a combination of filters to segment your audience. If you know the name of a company you’re striving to entice, then just type its name in the respective field. Like this.

Add “CEO” in the “job title” filter — and that’s it. You’ll find CEOs of the company you’re looking for: their names, work and direct emails, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Fish up corporate executive email addresses and text them automatically with personalized emails and automated follow-ups.

How to contact a CEO of a company: 3 Step. Reach out automatically

You thought you would need to write to CEOs manually?

But why?

Here is how it can be done in the tool.

Watch this.

You can reach out to CEOs via Email or LinkedIn automatically. If you don’t feel lime watching video, here is a text instrustion.

  1. Tick all the records you’ve found. Click on “Open and save”.
  1. Create a new custom lead list and save records in it. Go to that list, tick all the saved records and click on “Export contacts to CSV”.
  1. Go to the Email campaigns tab. Click on “Create campaign”.
  1. Name your campaign and upload a CSV file that you’ve downloaded earlier (in the step 2).
  1. Specify which field from your file contains emails.
  1. Write your message sequence. Add as many follow-up messages as you want.

Use variables (brackets) to personalize your messages.

Variables are pieces of text that are automatically auto populated with corresponding data about your prospects.

In other words, you don’t need to refer to each of the CEOs by their name: instead, you can add the “first_name” variable and it will be automatically auto populated with the data from your file, so your text will be tailored to each unique recipient.

  1. Once you’ve finished with writing your messages, click on “Launch campaign”.
  1. Leave it running and come back after a week to glance at the results.

All CEOs who respond, will appear in your email inbox. You’ll see their replies emerging in yuor email. So, you need to keep an eye on your Inbox and analytics.

Look up how many messages were sent, how many CEOs opened your email, how many clicked on the links, and how many emails bounced.

Based on this analytics, you can make better decisions as to which strategy should stay and which must be cut out.

Click on your campaign to access a detailed analytics report.

Export your report in CSV file.

  1. Catch replies from your prospects in your email. 

Go to your email inbox to reply to CEOs who showed interest in your message.

This way, you can reach out to numerous people at once and grow at scale.

  1. Remove those who replied and reach out to the rest via LinkedIn

In Closely, you can also create automated LinkedIn campaigns to expand your outreach. 

Let’s assume that 5 out of 20 CEOs from your file responded and you’ve already sold them a demo. What to do with the rest 15? 

Make your outreach zero-waste

Don’t neglect those who never reacted to your email. It may be that they were simply .. not in the mood, or God knows what might’ve happened.

So, you take your report and remove all the records that REPLIED, leaving only those who didn’t click on your email.

  1. Open your campaign and click on “Recipients”. Tap “Export to CSV”.
  1. Now you remove from your file all records that opened your email.
  2. Once done, go to Closely and click on “LinkedIn campaigns”.
  1. Choose “Connection Request + Follow-up messages”.

Name your campaign, choose a LinkedIn account, from which the campaigns will be running. Upload your edited file where you’ve left only those people who never replied or clicked on your email.

  1. Make sure the columns are matched properly.

Just check that the line with first names is named “First name” on the right, User social are LinkedIn URLs, etc.

  1. Write your message sequence for LinkedIn.

Add as many follow-ups as you want. Don’t forget to add variables so your message is unique and personalized for each CEO. Once done, click on “Next: Verify”.

Check all the recipients in your file and click on “Save and Start Now”.

Grab analytics in your dashboard. Look up how many CEOs accepted your connection request, how many replied to your message.

Duplicate successful campaigns, remove those that failed.

  1. Use built-in Inbox to sell more efficiently

In your build-in LinkedIn Inbox you have the ability to tag your conversations to manage them easily and keep everything in order — what is paramount for a successful job of a sales manager.

The best way to approach business executives

In terms of the best strategy for your messaging, we would suggest the following.

For email outreach

Depending on your product, try to focus on the value that your product brings for similar companies as the one you’re reaching out to.

You can take a glimpse into this guide for successful Email & LinkedIn outreach, by the way.

For LinkedIn outreach

Since LinkedIn is social sales, you’ll have to think how to sell making an impression that you didn’t want to sell.

Here is our golden collection of templates for LinkedIn Outreach.

You can look up ANY message for your connection request message.

As to the follow-ups, it’s better to first ask them about their deeds: what’s going on in their work lives now, what they’re working on, who is the audience for their product.

Then you can think about what you can suggest FOR THEM first, before talking about your product.

This guide also may give you a clue.

So, just simply ask them how you can be useful. For instance, you can recommend their product for your audiences, or you can try it yourself. Once the ice is broken, you can mention your product. Just make it a non-intrusive line. 

Create follow-ups for the case the CEO doesn’t reply to your message. Automated sequence in Closely will be running till the point a CEO replies to ANY of the message from the chain. The moment it happens, the sequence stops, and you can go to your Inbox to check replies.

So, in your follow-ups your duty is to ask whether your message arrived, whether they saw it. And if they still don’t reply, the next follow-ups may be the one where you can add links to your group or to your webinar/content, just in case they’re ready to make less commitment. Never end your message by just saying “Ok then, next time…”. Always add links and finish on a light note.

On this light note, we will wrap up, leaving you with this new information that you can digest. If you need assistance with automating your outreach, let us know.

  • How to get CEO email addresses of US companies?

Just head to Lead Finder and specify the needed location. Put “US” in the location filter. 

This way you can find emails of CEOs in bulk and push them in a CSV file for your prospecting needs.

  •  I need to get corporate executive email addresses to use them in the automation tool of my choice. Can I do this?

Not a problem. Use Lead Finder to get those emails (we’ve explained in which way), download your CSV file, and go to the automation tool of your choice. You’ll receive 50 free credits in Closely upon registration, so you’ll be able to open 50 records for free (email, phoe number, Fb and LinkedIn profiles).

Ok, it was nice to get you acquainted with the basics of automated LinkedIn and Email outreach. We will be happy to help you out in case you need help. Have a good day!

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