How To Bypass LinkedIn Search Limit

LinkedIn is a vast place for your business ventures, however, like with all “too good to be true” solutions, there’s always a catch.

We’re talking not one, but two LinkedIn search limits. The first roadblock we’ll discuss is the Commercial Use Limit. 

LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit

This limit comes up after you’ve made about 300 searches in a month with a free account. LinkedIn takes this as a sign that you’re using their services for commercial purposes, and prevents you from making any searches. This limit is recounted every month (on the 1st day), but you won’t be shown how many searches you have left or how close you are to reaching the limit. 

LinkedIn Profile Search Limit

This limit prevents you from accessing more results from your search. If you have a free LinkedIn account, you’ll only be permitted 100 pages of 10 results, or 1000 profiles, and with a Sales Navigator account, you have 100 pages of 25 results, or 2500 profiles, available to you. 

So, you’ll only be able to see 1000 or 2500 results, depending on your subscription, when in reality there are thousands more profiles kept from you behind a frustrating unclickable “Next” button. 

This means you can neither view those profiles or access them in any way that would allow data scraping. 

Sounds dispiriting, right? Well, don’t lose hope just yet, as there are LinkedIn hacks that you can use to get around LinkedIn profile search limits! 

LinkedIn Hacks to Bypass Restrictions

Let’s get the paid stuff out of the way: if you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Premium, or Recruiter, you can get unlimited profile searches. Sales Navigator is truly a must if you want to take your prospecting game to a level playing field. You get unlimited profile searches (no commercial use limit), increase results to 2500, access exclusive search filters and many more highly advantageous features. Stuff gets a bit more complicated if you stick with a free account, so read on for that!

Bypassing the Commercial Use Limit 

If you want to evade the commercial use limit, your best bet is to have multiple LinkedIn accounts, and just switch between them once you’ve hit the limit on one of them. 

Bypassing the Profile Search Limit

In order to see past the 1000 results on your search efforts, you’ll have to add filters to your searches and conduct them several times. 

For example, you can do this with search filters such as geography, job position, industry, etc.

Once you’ve made your first search, add filters to get the second batch of results. Repeat for the third time, and so on to get more results than would otherwise show up in a regular search.

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