Use LinkedIn As a Remarketing Channel

Your email outreach campaign may drive different results — depending on the goal behind it. It’s good when we see people replying to our emails.

We usually jump into chats with those who replied. What about people who clicked on your link, visited your website but never get back to you?

They still can be turned into your customers. If you know how to do remarketing campaigns.

Alex Tkachenko is going to share his experience using LinkedIn as a remarketing channel with us. Let’s jump right in.

Your lead list will have people who clicked on a link in your email, but never replied to your message. Let’s see what we can do with this category of leads.

Step 1: Export people who clicked on the link

Almost every email automation tool allows you to export people who clicked on the link in your campaign.

Select them all and export to a CSV file.

Step 2: Enrich your document to get LinkedIn URLs

Use any enrichment tool of your choice to enrich your file and find those people’s LinkedIn profiles.

Step 3: Create a connection campaign in Closely

What we will do? We will reach out to those who didn’t reply on email — on LinkedIn, using Closely automation.

Once you’ve got your file with LinkedIn profile URLs, you can go to Closely to create your campaign.

Choose the “connection request + follow-up messages” campaign type and click on “create campaign”.

Upload your CSV file with LinkedIn profile URLs.

Write your messages.

Obviously, if a person clicks on a link, it means they got interested in content. They probably read the content that you enclosed in your email. So, you know how to start your dialogue here, having this in mind.

First, you’ll need a connection message. Make it very simple, using our templates for LinkedIn outreach.

The first follow-up should remind them about your email.

Hello {first_name},

Nice to meet you! You’ve probably been busy since I tried to reach you on email.)

{company_name} is very interesting to me. I love the job you’re doing!

I’ve been in B2B sales for almost 15 years. Our last achievement — coming from o to 1,5 mln in revenue in 1 years using only outbound sales (SaaS product). No investments in marketing. I’ve summarised how we did this in 3-page PDF file. Would you like a copy?

Don’t forget to use variables to make your message more personalized. Create as many follow-ups as you want, according to your outreach strategy. After your messages are written, hit Start campaign.

If they don’t reply on LinkedIn as well

Now your campaign is up and running. Come back after a few weeks to check its progress.

Depending on how good your message is, there will be different number of replies. But there also will be people ignoring you on LinkedIn as well.

It doesn’t mean that you should let their accounts disappear in your Inbox. Create another follow-up for those silent people. Remember, all who reply to any of your messages will get into your inbox. They won’t receive any more follow-ups from you.

For all the others (who remain silent) it can go like this:

Hey {first_name},

I guess you’re probably busy. That’s fine.)

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Have a super-productive day 🙂

Use Closely Inbox

Sometimes people can tell you that they’re interested in your product overall but:

  • they don’t have budget right now to buy it
  • your product lacks a very important for them feature
  • they’re not in the best place to make a purchase

All these are, of course, excuses. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t note those excusers down to reach out to them later.

Closely Network Management allows you to do just that. Simply tick contacts and assign your custom tag to them. Now you have this group created and stored in your Closely account under a special name. You can always reach out to this group with “Hey, we’ve rolled out the feature you needed” later.

Having a CRM system like Closely Network Management simplifies the workflow: this type of system makes it possible to collect the different profiles and assign them a label, for example “interested but need integration with HubSpot”.

Have you used LinkedIn as a remarketing channel?

Content creator at Closely. I write about marketing & B2B sales. Welcome to our LinkedIn Sales Hacking Universe ;)