Use LinkedIn As a Remarketing Channel

Your email outreach campaign may result in different outcomes β€” depending on the goal behind it.

Usually, we jump into communication with those who replied. But what about people who clicked on your link and visited your website but never get back to you?

You can reach out to then via other channels and get more customers.

Let’s talk about some of the strategies that you can implement to make LinkedIn function as your remarketing channel.

Some of your email campaigns contain call-to-action. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a link that leads to your website or to your content. There will be people who will click on your link but won’t reply to you in email.

Why not single out those people and reach out to them on LinkedIn?

They clearly have interest because they clicked. It doesn’t matter whether they registered or not β€” you can reach out to them with a single message and then figure out what’s your next move in personal communication.

You can track down those people using your email automation tool.

Let’s go step-by-step through the whole process.

Step 1: Export people who clicked on the link

Almost every email automation tool allows you to export people who clicked on the link in your campaign.

For example, in LeadRocks, it’s easy to select those who clicked and export them in a CSV file.

Step 2: Enrich your document to get LinkedIn URLs

Use any enrichment tool of your choice to enrich your file and fish up people’s LinkedIn URLs.

Usually, you simply upload your file with emails and get an enriched file back.

Step 3: Create a connection campaign in Closely

Once you’ve got your file with LinkedIn profile URLs, you can go to Closely to create your campaign.

Choose the “connection request + follow-up messages” campaign type and click on “create campaign”.

Upload your CSV file with LinkedIn profile URLs.

Write your messages.

In this case, it’s more easy for you to create a message with an appropriate ice-breaker, because you know something about these people β€”at least that they got interested in your product.

But of course, all business-related conversations come second. First, you need a strong connection message that will result in them accepting your request. You can sneak to

and find something for yourself as a basis for your connection message.

You can just leave your connection message empty (also a strategy). Who knows what may work for you?

Message #1

One of the ideas of how to approach those people is referring to your conversation in email and asking them something else. Like, providing some feedback.

For example,

Message 1

Hey {first_name},

We talked about management of your LinkedIn network in email. Remember me?)

Just found your profile. How’s it going? I think it’s more convenient to chat here πŸ˜€

Actually, we’ve rolled out the feature that we discussed, you can check it out here: link

Curious to hear what you think!

Also, how’s it going with (add here topic that you discussed if there is any).


After you’ve come up with your campaign, hit Start and get ready to jump into conversations.

If they don’t reply on LinkedIn as well

Now your campaign is up and running. Come back after a few weeks to check on its progress.

There will be prospects who’ll instantly reply β€” because people are more keen on communicating in warm environments, and LinkedIn counts for warm environment.

But there also will be people who read your message and never get back. Before you remove the chat with them from inbox, try to offer them something less than getting interested in your product. They may not be ready to buy your product, but you can always convert them into your group members or event attendees.

Try something like:

Hey! You’re probably busy… It’s fine! πŸ™‚

I guess we can catch up later.

If you feel like joining our community for growth-oriented people (the biggest community of FB so far!), you’re welcome: link. We share our cases, give product reviews and a lot more.

It was nice talking to you! Have a great day!



Hey there! Just wanted to check in on whether my message got delivered.

See no message from you (( But that’s fine! Maybe you’re busy, I totally understand πŸ™‚

Just in case you’d like to tune in to the freshest content & tool reviews β€” I’ll leave here the link to our community for growth buddies


on Facebook: link Will be nice to see you there. {my_first_name}.

Use Closely Inbox to improve workflow and sell more

Some people will get back to you with their feedback. They may tell that your product lacks something very important for them or that they simply don’t need it now (but may need in the future).

Closely Inbox allows you to add custom tags and notes so you can fix down important information about your prospects and keep it in one place.

By assigning custom tags, you can then find a needed person in your Closely Inbox and let them know that something they lacked have been added to your solution. Like, for example, in the picture above, I’ve added a tag that a person needs integration with some other tool. Next time, when we roll out this integration, I’ll find him or her and let them know about it. I’ll simply filter by tag and find a needed person in a few seconds.

Using LinkedIn for remarketing is a very worthy move β€” actually, you can try different strategies and see it for yourself.

Thank you for your attention πŸ˜‰