10 Best LinkedIn Email Extractor Tools In 2023

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It’s Valentines’ Day — time to compile a list of 10 Best LinkedIn Email Extractor Tools — those that you can use for your prospecting purposes.

What’s a LinkedIn Email Extractor?

It’s a special software that can automatically extract emails from websites. Usually, it comes in the form of Chrome extension. Once installed, this software can open people’s emails on website pages.

Why may need a LinkedIn Email Extractor?

If you’re a sales rep, a lead generation specialist, or two of these combined, — you may need to obtain the tool that can easily scrape the email of a person, whenever you need it.

  • If you send a connection request to your lead, and it’s not accepted, you can follow-up through email
  • If you’re a recruiter, looking for job candidates, you may want to acquire emails of ideal candidates to follow-up them through email

How to get emails from LinkedIn?

There are several methods of how you can get emails of your prospects from LinkedIn. One of the easiest is to install LinkedIn email extractor.

LinkedIn email extractor is an extremely powerful thing: once installed, it slips into LinkedIn interface and lets you look up people’s emails and phone numbers. It’s irreplaceable if you want to establish a steady stream of leads — right into your sales funnel.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using a LinkedIn email extractor.

  1. Go to Google Chrome Store and click on “Add to Chrome”

Now, open anyone’s profile on LinkedIn.

You can see that the extension is already running.

2. Click on “Create an account”.

You’ll be redirected to Closely (LinkedIn Automation and Lead Intelligence Platform) home page where you can create your account.

Provide your email and think up the password.

Once you’ve registered, you can now go back to LinkedIn to try the extension.

Now you can see that the “Show contact details” button appeared. If you click on it — you’ll be able to reveal this guy’s contact info — as well as of any of your prospects.

Now, since you know the easiest way of how to extract emails from LinkedI profiles, let’s look at how to extracr emails from website pages.

How to scrape emails from website pages?

There are tools that will also let you scrape emails right from websites. Snov.io is one of them.

Just enter the website and click on “find emails”. The tool will produce all the emails associated with this website. In our case, it’s 19 emails.

Snov.io offers 50 free email searches/month. After you’ve run out, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid subscription.

Best LinkedIn Email Extractors for 2023

And here is, as promised, the full list of prominent LinkedIn Email Extractors that can bolster your lead generation in 2023.

Closely Surfer – Closely’s extension

Closely Surfer is one of the most reliable LinkedIn email scrapers. It can easily fish up email, phone number, and company insights in a matter of clicks, right from LinkedIn profiles.

Closely is a lead engagement platform that comes with a wide array of exclusive features that other tools cannot yet boast of, like LinkedIn Network Intelligence and Inbox. It lets you manage LinkedIn connections and segment audiences. Closely’s extension will scrape emails from LinkedIn and let you save results of LinkedIn searches in CSV files for free.

The tool also has an embedded B2B contact database where you can find leads by the use of filters. You can pull leads’ contact info: emails, phone numbers, FB and LinkedIn profiles, job titles, location, skills, company name, and other insights.

Closely top features

  • Email search by company name
  • Scraping emails from LinkedIn
  • Saving the results of LinkedIn searches in CSV files
  • Lead finder – search by name, location, job title
  • Export contact data to CSV
  • Email, phone number, FB and LinkedIn profiles finder
  • Email verification
  • Customized LinkedIn and Email campaigns
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Lead engagement features
  • Campaign analytics
  • LinkedIn Network Management – CRM for your LinkedIn network
  • Messages to your network
  • Advanced lead list building
  • Built-In Inbox – lightweight CRM
  • Templates for LinkedIn outreach
  • Variables to personalize messages

Closely pricing

  • $49/month – Personal, 500 credits
  • $83/month – Growth, 5,000 credits
  • $166/month – Pro, unlimited credits

AeroLeads‘ extension

Aeroleads is another powerful platform that will scrape emails, job titles, company names, location and other data of prospects for your outreach needs.

AeroLeads top features

  • Scraping email addresses having the name or domain
  • Extracting emails from LinkedIn
  • Export contact data to CSV files
  • Data enrichment – from LinkedIn URLs to Emails

AeroLeads pricing

There is a free trial that comes with 10 credits.

  • $49/month -1,200 credits
  • $149/month – 5,000 credits
  • $500/month – 18,000 credits
  • Customizable plan – to discuss


Snov.io is an outreach automation tool that can also do single and bulk email search.

The tool also offers LinkedIn Prospect Finder – a LinkedIn extension that can help you find prospects on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, the extension’s installation is a puzzle.

This is the guide on how to install the extension. It’s time-consuming and a bit odd, I may say, considering that there are dozens of tools that offer the same functionality, but you can install the scraper in a few clicks from Google chrome store.

Snov.io top features

  • Single and bulk email search
  • Email finder – website email extractor
  • Email verification
  • CRM to manage prospects and deals
  • API to integrate email search to your CRM

Snov.io pricing

50 free credits for email search within a free plan.

  • $39/ month – 1,000 credits
  • $99/month – 5,000 credits
  • $189/month – 20,000 credits
  • $369/ month – 50,000 credits


UpLead can find you email address of a prospect by their names and domain name.


UpLead top features

  • Finding emails by the lead’s name and company name/URL.
  • Bulk email search
  • Email scraping from LinkedIn (extension)
  • API to integrate with your apps

UpLead pricing

7-day free trial with 5 credits is available. The paid plans are the following:

  • $99/month – 200 credits
  • $199/month – 400 credits
  • $399/month – 1,000 credits


Finder.io is another email scraper that comes with 75 free email searches. It can look up people’s emails, phone numbers, company names and do email verification for you.

Finder.io top features

  • Email finder by name
  • Domain search
  • Email verification
  • Phone number finder
  • Company search
  • Lead list management

Finder.io pricing

  • $14,99/month – the number of credits is not specified


GetEmail.io is a team of R&D engineers and entrepreneurs who developed this sophisticated to find the email of “anyone on Earth”. Pricing is justified by the abundance of features and ease of use. Absolutely intuitive and clean interface.


GetEmail.io features

  • Single and bulk email search
  • Email verification 
  • Chrome extension to extract emails from LinkedIn 
  • API access to integrate GetEmail.io features with your tools. 

GetEmail.io pricing

GetEmail.io has a free plan that provides you with 10 credits per month. For more possibilities, choose among the following paid plans:

  • $49/month – 300 credits
  • $99/month – 1,000 credits
  • $149/month – 2,000 credits
  • $399/month – 10,000 credits


Apollo.io is, hands down, one of the most solid and reliable data provider and email finder tools. It’s praised for data accuracy and wide global coverage. The quality of emails are considered to be one of the best here.


Apollo.io top features

  • Emails scraping from LinkedIn
  • B2B contact database
  • Email verification
  • Export contact data in CSV

Apollo.io pricing

50 credits per month are granted for free within a trial plan.

  • $49/month – 200 credits


ZoomInfo is one of the most sufficient B2B contact databases that offers multifaceted and thorough data classification and filtering criteria. Some people may be put off from the whole idea upon finding out the price.

ZoomInfo top features

  • Bulk email search
  • Scrape emails from LinkedIn
  • Lead management
  • Real-time data on sales performance

ZoomInfo pricing

ZoomInfo won’t tell you the price unless you book a demo. However, they say that the prices can vary from $15,000 per year to 40,000 per year, and you’re billed annually only.

  • Professional: $14,995 per year
  • Advanced: $24,995 per year
  • Elite: $39,995 per year

How to choose the best email scraper in 2023?

Your outreach lies within the data vendor you use – it’s no secret.

Here are some key features of email extractors you should evaluate and review for yourself when considering one provider or another.

  • Data accuracy

Pick the one that is praised for its data accuracy.

Contact the tool’s representatives to gain more insight into how their system works or turn to the internet to get honest reviews (G2, Capterra or AppSumo will work).

80% of data accuracy or higher is optimal.

  • Information coverage

Make sure your email extractor offers adequate global coverage, saving you the hassle of having to branch out to multiple tools to acquire data from various regions.

  • Team

Nothing brings you down most than the time and money you invested in the tool that is hard to incorporate and use. Make sure that the team behind the tool of your choice is responsive. Opt for a free trial first to make sure the tool is easy-to-navigate and won’t clutter your workflow.

That’s it probably. Thank you for your attention. Happy Valentines Day!

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