How To Use LinkedIn Help? Tips to Reach Customer Service

How to use LinkedIn Help

Are you confused about how to use LinkedIn? Or you have queries about LinkedIn? Or do you want to reach out to LinkedIn help and customer service? Like other corporate organizations, LinkedIn also allows you to get in touch with their customer service team.

Below we will show you the necessary info about LinkedIn help and how you can access this feature. Have a look:

We will cover:

  • LinkedIn help and customer service: how to access and contact the team?
  • LinkedIn Help: using and navigating the site.
  • Contacting LinkedIn customer service without LinkedIn Help
  • How does LinkedIn help you grow your business or profession?

So are you ready? Get set and go!

LinkedIn doesn’t have an customer service Email for technical support.

LinkedIn doesn’t have an Email for technical support. If you want to find a Linkedin email address, look no further. This is official information, the email simply does not exist.

Customer support Linkedin: how to access and contact the team?

You can easily contact LinkedIn customer support through their help center and forum. If you don’t know how to do it, we will show you. To get in touch with LinkedIn customer support, follow these steps. Keep in mind that LinkedIn doesn’t offer customer service via phone.

Still, we will provide you the phone numbers:

  • 650-687-3600.
  • 650-687-3555.

However, you will only hear a recorded voice pointing you to use the LinkedIn Help page on the phone line.

So, forget about using the phone numbers and follow these steps.

You should also remember that LinkedIn has an extensive user base of over 600 million users from 170 different businesses, and the network is spread over 200 countries. If the team answers users’ queries all the time, their service can be slightly saturated.

In this case, you will receive this type of response:

You have reached LinkedIn customer support. The expected waiting time is around one day and 15 hours; please stay on the call.

But there is another way to reach out to the LinkedIn support team, and we will show the quickest way to get the answers to your questions from the concerns.

LinkedIn Help: using and navigating the site

There are many ways to get the answers to your questions on LinkedIn, and below, we will describe the three quickest and easiest options.

#1 First way to use the LinkedIn Help Center:

  • Click on this URL, and it will divert you to LinkedIn’s Help, the main page.
  • Now, you need to select the LinkedIn account type from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, you can ask your questions about the concerns on the LinkedIn Help Center.

#2 Use LinkedIn Help directly from your profile:

You can also use LinkedIn Help from your homepage or profile page. The method is simple; just follow these steps:

  • First, log in to your LinkedIn account. (Visit LinkedIn > Connection and connect).
  • Then, go to your LinkedIn profile page and look for the “you” option.
  • Here, you will see the “Help” option appearing in red.
  • Next, click on the button and use LinkedIn’s digital help center.

Then, you need to follow the method explained above.

#3 Visit LinkedIn Help and learn by yourself

LinkedIn always wants to teach and train its users so that you can quickly get the answers to your queries.

To help you out, the network has set up a unique “do it yourself” page. In simple words, the page is an upgraded version of the resource center (FAQ).

As per user reviews and feedbacks, the articles and suggestions that it offers are often on the mark.

In our opinion, this new LinkedIn portal is more suitable for “basic” queries and questions. Overall it is useful, and follow these steps to access it:

  • First, you need to click on this URL, to go to the LinkedIn resource center.
  • Now you write your queries but keep it short up to 50 characters max.
  • Similarly, don’t use complex sentences as they might confuse the robots that automatically show you relevant answers.
  • LinkedIn also provides suggested resources to you, and you can go to “see more results” if you want more answers or are not satisfied with the recommended articles.

How to Contact LinkedIn customer support without Using LinkedIn Help?

As mentioned above in this read, you cannot reach out to LinkedIn by phone. But there is a unique way to talk to LinkedIn representatives, and they will gladly answer you.

Follow these steps you get your questions answered right from the LinkedIn representative or support team.

  • First, you need to visit LinkedIn’s contact page.
  • Now, tap on the “others” and then type “help” in the main search bar.
  • At the bottom side of this page, you will see the “create a request to customer support” button.
  • Click on this button, enter the details in the box and describe your issue.
How to Contact LinkedIn customer support

When this page opens, you need to fill out the simple form, and then you can write down your questions. You can also add attachments or files to help LinkedIn support and to make them understand your technical questions.

After submitting the details and questions, your request will get registered with LinkedIn’s technical support, and you will get a confirmation on your registered email. Often the confirmation email contains approx. time for processing your request.

Do you want to contact LinkedIn Help for commercial reasons?

If you want to contact LinkedIn support to purchase their premium services and solutions, it is simple.

Here’s how to connect with LinkedIn support or the sales department.

  • Fill out this contact form.
  • Or you can call directly at +33 8 05 54 20 78.

LinkedIn provides plenty of options and features for your inbound marketing on the network.

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