Breaking Up an Outreach Message Sequence

Converting message sequences are those sequences designed to enlighten your leads and leave a good aftertaste more than selling itself. If you treat your messages like something funny, light, inspiring — your job will very quickly turn into fun endeavor rather then something burdening.

Pay a special attention to how you break up your sequence. It’s very important to let your leads know that you’re ok with their rejection. In this matter, a break-up message is what can make it or break it in the future. 

Letting people know that you’re ok with them saying “No” can be that very thing that tips the scale. Just tell them that you understand that they might be busy and that it’s totally ok. The trick is to articulate this in the last message of your sequence. If you just think to yourself that you’re ok — it’s not enough, you have to include this in your break-up message.

After telling that you’re fine with whatever they decide, you can leave links to your website, content or anything of a value.

Consider adding lines like this:


Hey {first_name},

It looks like you don’t see our communication leading to any growth.  That's totally fine.

On a lighter note, in case you’d like to dive a bit more into LinkedIn cold outreach hacks & get some insightful tool reviews, here is a link to our FB community {{link}}. There are tons of free content, PDF guides, webinars and lots of discussions 

Regards, {my_first_name}.


Hey {first_name},

Sadly, I didn't get any reply from you. This makes me think you're not open for communication. 

That's totally fine, I understand you might be busy. 

All in all, it was a pleasure to connect. In case you'd like to stay updated on the latest LinkedIn sales hacks and receive the freshest, industry-leading reviews & insights — we will be happy to greet you in our growth community on Facebook: {{link}} 

Cheers! {my_first_name}.

In the end of your message sequence there is always a room for a link to:

  • your blog;
  • your PDF guides;
  • your FB community;
  • your event on Youtube;
  • your event on LinkedIn.

It’s not just about being breezy — it’s about being civil about sales, and letting other people feel good about their own rights.

Just try compile a message sequence taking into consideration these tips and come see the result. We guarantee you’ll see a progress and will be surprised how amazing it is that result can come from things where you participated a little!

What if this tiny thing can unlock your growth?
Stay tuned 🙂

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