LinkedIn vs Email: Which Channel Dominates The Prospecting Game 2023/2024?

Hello everyone! It’s a great day for prospecting — and if you’re wondering what the best channel for that is, we’ve got you covered! 

We all know the two major, most influential channels: LinkedIn and email. Both of them offer large reach, both have their pros and cons. However, which channel should you focus on to bring the most eyes to your business and generate the most conversions?

First, let’s determine the criteria we’ll base our comparison on:

  1. Reply rate
  2. Deliverability
  3. Price
  4. Scale
  5. Automation

LinkedIn vs Email:

Reply rate

LinkedIn messages and premium Inmails tend to have higher reply rates than cold emails. Email inboxes are often cluttered, and without sufficient personalization, your email goes unnoticed by up to 90% of leads. But there are some really helpful strategies, like hyper-personalization, that you can try to give your email reply rates a boost.


LinkedIn has the upper hand in deliverability – you can shoot direct messages without dealing with spam filters. Unlike email, though, reaching 2nd or 3rd-degree connections on LinkedIn means sending a connection request first. But here’s the cool part: InMail bypasses that, letting you message any connection level directly, making it super effective for deliverability. You can also employ an automation tool that will scale your prospecting. There are plenty of them.


Email’s usually the budget-friendly option upfront, but the fancy stuff on LinkedIn, like those Inmail credits, might just be the trump card that makes the investment totally worth it.


Email’s great for talking to a bunch of folks at once, while LinkedIn nails it for zeroing in on specific, personalized connections on a smaller level.


Email has been the go-to for prospecting from the start, amassing a huge automation toolkit. However, LinkedIn is not far behind, as more and more automation software enters the scene, so this channel is also well-equipped with options of highly innovative tools.

Verdict: the winner is…

In reality, both channels offer distinct advantages. LinkedIn suits targeted, high-quality engagements, especially in B2B, while email excels in broad, cost-effective outreach. A balanced strategy, leveraging the strengths of both, is key, tailored to your audience and refined based on performance metrics. 

Opt for multichannel outreach, considering their advantages and specifics of implementation. That would be a cool idea. We’re ready to help you launch your first multichannel campaign! Choose the perfect timeslot and we will be in touch!

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