Common Challenges And Pitfalls Of Multichannel Sales Outreach And How To Avoid Them?

Multichannel sales outreach has been around for quite long. It boils down to reaching out to prospects through various channels, primarily email and social media.

This strategy aims to expand your reach to a broader audience, boost response rates, and establish trust. However, it brings along certain typical challenges and pitfalls that don’t let you achieve measurable results.

Anna, an outreach expert in Closely, is sharing her insights on this.

1. Inconsistency

Among the major pitfalls in implementing a multichannel sales outreach strategy is inconsistency in messaging and frequency. Failing to maintain consistent messaging across different channels may confuse prospects and lead to a loss of interest. Neglecting follow-ups can result in a loss of “momentum”.

To avoid this, it is essential to develop a coherent outreach plan, aligning goals, channels, and messages. Additionally, employing a CRM tool or sales automation platform facilitates tracking and managing interactions across channels.

2. No Personalization

A common stumbling block in multichannel sales outreach is lack of personalization. Sending irrelevant messages that fail to resonate with prospects leads to total inefficiency. Using identical templates for every channel and prospect makes your prospecting sound like spam. Also, if you don’t do research into prospect info (their companies, personal background), it will be difficult to highlight the value of your offer.

To address this:

1) segment prospects based on criteria such as industry, role, stage, and behavior

2) customize messages for each channel and prospect by incorporating specific details such as name, company, and pain points

3) provide value and relevance in every touchpoint, such as sharing insights, resources, or case studies

3. Integration Pitfall

Another common pitfall is neglecting the collaboration in team. Sounds obvious, but it is usually overlooked. Lack of coordination and communication among colleagues and departments result in inefficiency and failure to hit revenue goals.

To overcome this pitfall, adopt a collaborative approach to outreach strategy, using tools and platforms that consolidate channels and data, and sharing best practices and learnings among team members. Your sales executive should be responsible for this.

4. Lack of Alignment

Another challenge in multi-channel sales outreach is the failure to align outreach with the buyer’s journey and expectations. Understanding prospect’s needs, goals, and motivations at each stage of their decision-making process is crucial for providing the right information and value.

To tackle this, align channels and messages with the prospect’s preferred communication style. To address this, map out the buyer’s journey and persona, tailoring outreach to each stage and persona, and actively listening and responding to prospect feedback.

5. Differentiation Pitfall

The next pitfall would be the failure to differentiate your product from competitors. A unique and compelling value proposition is what grabs prospect attention. Overcoming this challenge requires a strong understanding of the target market, product or service, and competitive advantage. Communicate the value proposition concisely and clearly across channels.

This is something! We hope these insights tap into your routine and help you win more customers.

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