Linkedin Read Receipts And Typing Notifications – How To Enable

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According to the statement issued by LinkedIn: “Read receipts and typing indicators will be available for all messages, including standard messages and InMails.”

Now for all those folks who don’t know about read receipts and typing indicators, read receipts are the indications or signs represented in small ticks when a message is delivered and read, just like you see in WhatsApp. And a typing indicator shows you that a person is typing a message. Both these features are present in WhatsApp and Facebook messengers.

Of course, you have to activate the features if you want others to know that you are typing or you want to send read receipts. If it is off, then no one can view the details.

Here we will take a closer look at both these features and how you can use and enable them.

What are LinkedIn Read Receipts?

When you send any message on LinkedIn, you wonder whether the receiver has read your message or not. When you are connecting with new users, it’s handy to know whether the recipient has read your request or not.

It’s a small and somewhat hidden icon that sits at the bottom side of your message thread. However, if you are using a laptop or desktop PC, you can move your cursor over the icon and see whether the person has read it and the time they read the message.

Apart from it, you will also find an additional feature, the typing indicator. The feature shows you when the other person is typing a message in response.

Both of these features are handy, especially when you are reaching out to new people on LinkedIn. These features help you to gauge how the discussion is going and when you should send a follow up message.

How Does it Work?

By default, LinkedIn read receipts are activated. However, to avail the benefit from this feature, both parties need to turn it on. Only then you can view if and when someone has opened or read your message.

You will see a small icon in the corner of your message screen indicating that your message has been read or viewed by the recipient. On the laptop or desktop, you can also view the time. 

However, you cannot view the date stamp. In simple words, you can view that the recipient has opened or read your message, but not when they did so.

Furthermore, if you are using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to make new connections, it’s vital to know whether or not your messages are being read. 

Besides, the feature also helps you to tailor your approach when approaching new sales leads and people.

You can also view which LinkedIn messages you have opened at a glance. You will see unread messages in bold in the message window with a blue number representing how many unread messages you have in the box.

Tips and Tricks: How to improve your messages:

If you want to improve your communication on LinkedIn, we have got some tips and tricks that will make your messages better than ever before. Whether you are initiating contact or appraising the clients, you need to keep these things in mind:

Keep it sweet but short: Don’t waffle about the effectiveness of your product/services; instead, keep it to the point and friendly.

Don’t sell: Professionals don’t like an impersonal sales pitch and will not reply to such traditional attempts. Save your sales for later, and initially try to build a relationship.

Professionalism matters. LinkedIn is not like social media platform. It is a platform where people do business. That’s why it’s vital that your communication reflects professionalism in your words and approach.

By following these simple points, you can easily engage the recipients in a professional and meaningful way.

How to turn Read Receipts On/Off

Read receipts add extra pressure on others to reply to your messages, but people can also avoid your messages altogether. This is handy as well as demotivating; however, the feature is turned on by default. Here’s how you can activate or deactivate the feature:

Via desktop

First, go to the settings page, and here look for the ‘Communications’ tab that you will see on the screen’s top side.

You will find many options here like notifications, people that can reach you, messaging experience, and more. Click on the ‘messaging settings’ options.

Now, go down a little bit, and you will see that the first setting is ‘Read receipts and typing indicators.’ There is a small button that you can use to enable or disable the feature as per your preferences.

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Via Mobile

The process is almost the same for LinkedIn’s mobile app. First, go to the profile icon that you will find on the top side of the mobile screen. Next, look for the ‘Settings’ and click on it.

Now you will see different options under the setting options. Here you need to click on the ‘Communications’ button and then go down a bit. At this point, you will see the ‘Read receipts and typing indicators’ feature. Tap on it to activate or deactivate the feature.

Final thoughts

Read receipts and typing indicators are useful features and help you in managing your sales process. These features provide you the opportunity to view whether or not your requests and messages are effective. 

Similarly, you can also check that which users are not interested or not attempting to reply.

We hope now you understand how to turn on/off LinkedIn read receipts. Do you like to keep read receipts activated or disabled, and why? Please share with us in the comments section below!

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