Streamlining Recruitment Using White Label Software: An Agency Guide


Recruiting firms are faced with significant obstacles in attracting and retaining talent in a highly competitive job market. The sheer number of applicants and application management can be overwhelming without the right tools.

Handling applications efficiently and maintaining an appealing employer brand starts to seem out of reach. 

What is the issue at hand?

Recruitment agencies often find it challenging to filter through high volumes of applications, stay organized, and respond promptly. It becomes more and more challenging to find and acquire talented applicants, manage communications, and persuade promising candidates to join client’s business.

When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s quite troublesome to build candidates’ lists, reach out to candidates, then keep all the messages organized in one place, accessible whenever needed.

All these can be resource-intensive. Luckily, there is a cure to unorganized and unmanageable applications for recruiters.

Read on to find out how white label recruitment software will help you improve outreach activities and streamline workflow, allowing for better communication in your team, boosted ROI, and a strong brand. 👇

Build Your Brand With Closely’s White Label Solution

White label recruitment software offers a solution by providing streamlined approach that allows agencies to improve their current strategies, automate LinkedIn and email outreach, organize workflow, and enhance other core recruiting activities. Through implementing this software, recruiters are able to enjoy advanced functionalities under their own brand name thus ensuring that they offer seamless environment for both themselves as well as the candidates. 

If you’re a recruiter, using white-label recruiting software makes managing applications significantly more effective, and applicants are provided with a convenient and intuitive environment that simplifies the application process.


By employing Closely’s white label solution, you get:

  1. The outreach automation tool: Closely’s functionalities, with interface worn in your brand’s colors
  2. Assistance and guidance of our team

Enjoy full functionality of Closely, tailored to your needs:

  1. Automated multichannel outreach. Can’t reach the applicant via LinkedIn? Try a work email. Multichannel outreach or single-channel outreach – up to you.

2. Post likes and skill endorsement automaton. Boost effectiveness of your outreach campaigns by adding a post like or skill endorsement automated step.

3. Streamlined application management process: label your LinkedIn conversations, monitoring the progress of your outreach:

This feature helps to organize LinkedIn conversations so that you can always access the needed conversation, in a few clicks.

4. Team Management Access – allows for better productivity of your recruiting team. Team management allows you to assign roles and monitor productivity of your recruiting team.

5. Meeting scheduling – instantly schedule meetings with applicants and enjoy fully streamlined process:

6. A detailed statistics on each campaign that you run: this is very convenient for improving outreach strategies and boosting outreach efforts.

This means that while using white-label recruitment tool, recruiting agencies can continuously manage their brands through powerful features. These functions streamline operations and create a unified professional look because they help you not only save time but also become more efficient in your work.


With the help of a white label solution, your daily activities as a recruiter can be greatly simplified, and the overall productivity of your work significantly improved. Driving and managing applications is a lot more intuitive and user-friendly with a ready-built solution that you can simply add your name to. Ultimately, a white label can save you a lot of the hassle and time while improving the application process for both you and the applicants.

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