How to Cancel Sent LinkedIn Connection Requests? Do This To Increase Connections

cancel linkedin sent connection requests

When you send an invitation to any potential connection and have not received any reply from them in a while, it’s vital to cut your losses and delete the connection. Having too many pending requests are not good, and it can harm your reputation on the platform.

So, in this read, we will explain everything regarding the LinkedIn connection request and how you can cancel requests on LinkedIn.

In this article, we will cover:

  • What is LinkedIn’s “invitation” or “connect” functionality? 
  • How can you find pending invitation requests on LinkedIn?
  • How to cancel a LinkedIn request? 
  • How to connect with someone on LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn’s “invitation” or “connect” functionality?

Like many others, you also thought both these functions are the same? In that case, you are absolutely right! This LinkedIn function has many different names, such as invitation, connections, and more, but these terms refer to the same action.

How can you connect with someone on LinkedIn?

To invite someone to join you or your network on LinkedIn, you have plenty of choices. The best way is to visit their LinkedIn profile and use the famous “connect” button.

Besides, you also write a brief note with your invitation or request. It is seen that invitation requests with a proper note work better than those without a note.

The prospect will then receive your request or invitation and a notification stating that you want to join their network on LinkedIn. Now this person has the option to accept or decline your request or invitation.

How can you find pending invitation requests on LinkedIn – official manual?

To find all the pending invitations that you have sent to others, you need to go to the “My Network” option. Then, inside your pending invitation feature, you will see the “Manage” option.

From here, you can manage all of your pending invitations. In this tab, you can also view the invitations that you have sent, but they are not yet accepted.

How to cancel a connection request on LinkedIn?

In the “Manage” feature, you will find the invitations that you have sent to others.

Next to a person’s name, you will see a “Withdraw” option that allows you to cancel your LinkedIn request or invitation.

Furthermore, if you want to remove several invitations at once, you will have to pick the people and delete them all with just a single click.

However, if you are already connected with a specific person but don’t need them anymore in your network. In that case, you need to visit their LinkedIn profile, and then click on the “More” option and finally look for “Remove the connection” to remove that particular connection.

There you are; now you know everything about managing LinkedIn connections and invites!

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