Adding A Resume To LinkedIn – Should You Do It And How?

Should you add LinkedIn resume

Adding your resume on LinkedIn comes in handy and for many reasons. It is useful when you are looking for a job and to highlight your expertise and professional experiences.

In this read, we will discuss why it’s vital to upload your resume on LinkedIn and how you do it in the best possible way that differs you from the other candidates. 

Plus, we will also discuss the best practices and tips.

So, let’s start with the reasons to upload your CV on LinkedIn.

Why should you add your resume on LinkedIn?

If you’re searching for a full-time, part-time job or internship opportunity in a firm, you’ve probably been visiting various websites and portals like Indeed or Welcome to the Jungle. These platforms have hundreds of offerings for all users but only surfing and just applying for the jobs is not enough.

In fact, you and your resume must attract recruiters and managers. You need to shine and showcase yourself in the best way.

A significant benefit of adding your resume on LinkedIn, which the above-mentioned networks don’t offer that you can achieve that ‘virality’ effect.

Used with a properly optimized LinkedIn profile, the resume posting can dramatically help you in the search, and it can bring much-needed traffic to your official profile.

So, let’s check out the best and right way to add a resume to LinkedIn:

How can you add your resume on LinkedIn?

Follow these steps to do so:

  • First, log in to your LinkedIn account and go to your profile.
  • Next, look for the “+” option and click on it. You will find it in the “Our selection” bar.
  • Now you will see the “Media” button; click on it.
  • Now you can add your resume in PDF format.

And let’s seen how to display it on your LinkedIn profile.

Add your LinkedIn resume to a post (in an attractive way)

As we mentioned above, posting your resume provides you an edge, thanks to your network and links.

For example, if ten people react (blue thumbs, applause, hearts, etc.…), then a particular percentage of the users connected with those people can view your post on their profile’s main page.

So, ensure that you have an outstanding post with attractive visuals, catchy titles, and above all, a killer resume (we will show you the best method later in the article) to get maximum reactions.

Here is the comprehensive how to add your resume to your post:

  • First, go to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Now, click on the “start a post” button.
  • Next, you will see a media icon; click on it.
  • Next, opt for the “choose a file” option.
  • Here you can add your resume but only in PDF format.

Next, we will advise you to write some words to complement your post.

To grab other’s attention, we advise you to make your post stop the vertical feed sweeping. This is simple; try to use a catchphrase like “For Recruiters/X” with a unique font to grab the attention.

Apart from it, you can also use emotion or other visuals in the post as it is another powerful way to drive the visitor’s attention. Additionally, you can also use storytelling along with your moments of success, drawbacks, and learning.

Finally, engage visitors with your content. For example, request them to give their feedback in the comments.

Communicate about your resume through a LinkedIn article

Another method to promote your resume on LinkedIn is by displaying it as a whole article, and it works. With your LinkedIn profile, you can do the same without much effort.

Here is how you do:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile’s home page.
  • Next, find the “Write an article on LinkedIn” option located at the top and click on it.
  • Then you can write whatever you want.

With this format, you can also add visuals of your certificates, achievements, videos, and it allows you to integrate infographics if you want.

For example, suppose you are working in the digital marketing world (web designing, web development, SEO, etc.). In that case, this can be an excellent way to showcase your achievements and past work experience.

Four Best and Creative ways to find a job on LinkedIn:

In this section, we will talk about the four creative ways to help you find your dream job on LinkedIn.

Now that you know how to add a resume on LinkedIn, it’s time to get creative and explore the platform a bit more so that you can find your dream job.

Here are our tested hacks:

  • Create an animated/video resume through Motion Designing as it creates an awesome and “wow effect” over others and gives a powerful virality.
  • Be creative and use the AIDA’ approach to engage users with your post. This will ensure that they read your post thoroughly and till the end.

Here is the explanation for your convenience:

  • First, update and optimize your LinkedIn profile to reach high in the search results and gain more visibility.
  • Now you will have to take help from a tool like PictoryAIThe tool can amazingly boost the reach of your posts, and you can get 10x more views on your publications. In other words, you will be amazed by the tool’s efficiency.

You can easily reach out to several HR and business managers and find new job opportunities by applying these simple hacks.

Finally, we have a bonus for you that will help you in the process. Check below.

How to write an attractive Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

First, you should distinguish and improve the overall structure and content of your resume. It’s 2021, and graphic designing is at its best. Thus you must use it to your advantage and to differentiate your resume from hundreds of others.

As for content, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Add a professional photo with your sweet smile.
  • Clearly state the title or job position you are applying for at the top of your resume.
  • Use a catchy phrase to define yourself but keep it to a few lines below your name. It should encourage the reader to read your resume till the end.
  • Fill in your educational details in an appropriate manner. You can also add the organization’s logos with it.
  • Let them know about your past work experiences and the project you were part of. Don’t forget to mention your unique skills.
  • Please fill in the details about your certifications as they enhance the authority of your resume.
  • Maintain focus on your skills and qualities when drafting your resume. However, ensure that they are relevant to your target position.

Considerations about the resume’s design:

  • Microsoft Word is not the ideal choice to create a resume nowadays.
  • Use Canva or Photoshop to design a killer resume.
  • Use premium templates.
  • Use a maximum of 2 fonts.
  • Use a maximum of three colors.
  • Ensure you are using the right contrast between fonts and the background.
  • Add icons to make it appealing.
  • Try to make it as graphic as much possible.

In the End:

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with millions of different from the world. It connects job seekers to recruiters from all over the world. Similarly, the platform is also beneficial for employers looking for talented candidates.

But to make your impression an impactful one, you need to have a great resume. And now you have all the ingredients about how to create one and how to add your resume on LinkedIn.

So, draft a winning resume now!

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