How Do I Acquire B2B SaaS Customers in 2022?

How do I acquire SaaS customers

Finding your first buyers when starting out with any new endeavor is challenging. Or maybe you want to increase your current customer flow-in and don’t know where to begin.

Luckily, there are a few proven ways to acquire customers & reel them in for good.

  • Only reliable and fresh contact data for outreach campaigns

No matter how well designed and appealing your messages are, if you can’t connect with your prospects, or if the data you have is turning out to be obsolete, your revenue is as good as stagnant.

Data vendors are designed to speed up the process of data collection and bolster your sales. There is a lot of B2B data providers to arm your sales team with.

Its best to utilize B2B-specialized data intelligence into your approach — most of such tools provide you with reliable contact data that you can populate your CRMs & automation tools with. With the right tool stack you can save a wealth of time and resources, and get closer to your sales goals.

Closely is a good example of such tool. Closely Explorer within it is a B2B database and search platform that lets you solicit bespoke research and pull fresh contact data like emails or LinkedIn profiles that you can use in your outreach. You can then push that data into your campaigns without leaving one single platform, and begin your outreach automation.

  • Personalized communication

Arguably the most vital marketing strategy you can employ is personalizing communications. You need to show customers the reason to use your services and how your solution addresses their issues to a tee.

Targeted email subject lines, personalized connection requests and content correlate to a higher conversion rate and brand loyalty. The benefits of personalized marketing cannot be overlooked – customers are actively engaged and interested in content tailored to them, be it updates, notifications, recommendations, special offers…

Make the personalization as thorough as it can be. Near complete communication personalization can be achieved through effective implementation of B2B data vendors. Look for platforms that suit your needs best and that offer a sufficient data category selection.

Build a comprehensive customer profile and use the data you’ve got for CRM enrichment or utilize various other sales tool integrations.

  • Work on your targeting

If you use automation tools, single out targeting as a field of study that requires your closest attention.

Super targeted list building, is what allows you to single out high-quality leads and weed out irrelevant audiences so you don’t waste your precious time.

Closely allows you to reach out to super-relevant audiences (by scraping audiences from shared groups and events) with one single message chain rather than spraying the one-for-all message, targeting wider audiences, that usually results in a low conversion rate. Click on the link to watch our webinar where we explained how to integrate hyper-relevant outreach into your sales workflow.

  • Personalize websites

Personalization isn’t limited to emails or campaigns – optimize user experience and make people want to keep going back to your website for services by adapting your webpage to the client. Garner satisfied visitors and buyers by creating a personalized environment on your webpage – take user location, company affiliation, industry, name, job position into account when tailoring sites. Automate the process for maximum results with the help of B2B personalization tools such as Personyze or Hyperise.

  • Explore Quora and Reddit

Familiarize yourself with Quora & Reddit and learn how to collect B2B leads through them. Since these platforms are often used to find solutions to a specific issue, you can take the opportunity to offer up your services as a solution. Since Quora is the leader of the bunch, it’s better to start out there. Answer questions related to your solution, provide valuable tips and inform people concerned with the issue you are targeting about your services and why they are optimal.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is that it’s better to post things if you’re truly confident in your answer and if it can be backed up by your own experience. Don’t post for the sake of it — people grew intolerant to useless content.

Speaking of B2B platforms, LinkedIn just can’t be left out. It’s great for finding new qualified leads, enriching contact lists and establishing customer relationships. Be active, post regular updates, special offers, discounts, deals, announce new launches – just generally keep up a presence. This encourages customer engagement and builds up a solid corporate image.

Learn how to polish your profile so it looks attractive to your target audience. It includes working on your headline, photo, page description.

One key feature of LinkedIn should not be omitted: its Sales Navigator’s advanced filter functionality that is a goldmine for lead generation. Find contact details and personal info of your target audience by looking up certain categories and filtering criteria. Reach your leads directly in Sales Navigator via InMail and keep up with them by following their profiles or involving in their content.

  • Create lead magnets

Lead magnets is free informational content provided to potential customers in exchange for their contact details. It has to be something of value that visitors would want to get their hands on: for example, white papers, webinars covering a topic of interest, eBooks, reports, guides, podcasts, training videos, live demos, templates, worksheets, infographics, checklists, charts and more.

Lead magnets are not only great for collecting lead contact information, but they are also designed to introduce them to your solution and brand, spark interest and provide quality content to your visitors.

Consider, Canva, MeetingBurner, Audacity, Typeform, Figma for process automation.

  • Host webinars

Run webinars or a topic relevant to your audience to promote customer interaction and relationships. Leads will be more likely to choose your solution and develop brand loyalty down the line with the help of such frequent connection-building web event hosting.

This is a great option for acquiring customers that will nurture long-lasting relationships and drive incredible results.

 Look into Getresponse, and Lusha for useful webinar creation & hosting tools, and also important reports.

These are tested ways to attract new B2B leads to your company. Use all the listed tools to your advantage and secure qualified leads to ensure long-term business growth.

  • Build community

Communities are great for link- and connection building. The focal point of online communities is being able to define what customers want directly from the source and hone your product accordingly. Grow groups on Facebook and LinkedIn with people who share the same interests and keep them active with regular quality content, and fast response rates.

  • Gather reviews

Honest customer reviews can lend you a big helping hand in maximizing your sales numbers and earned profits. They are always a great boost to your credibility and serve as a testament to the quality of your solutions. Reviews on G2, Capterra and other review platforms stimulate leads who are searching for solutions like yours to opt for your product.

Final Word

There is loads to discover in the fast-changing B2B sales environment. Once you venture deeper into exploring best practices and strategies, and try them out, the right strategy for you is bound to turn up. In this article, we’ve mentioned some top strategies from professionals in the field that improve your team’s close rate and boost conversions. It’s all about experimenting all the time and finding your own way which can make your gains skyrocket. The strategies listed here are designed to put your B2B SaaS business on the right track and save you resources, as well as help you map out the ideal road to more sales in 2022.